Bring Back Your Beautiful Smile With A Dental Crown Or Bridge

Retired couple poses together and shows big smiles after crown and bridge treatment

A lot of life can happen over the years, and some of it can show up in your smile. Teeth can weaken due to cavities, root canal treatment, and unexpected trauma like sports injuries or accidents. Sometimes, older restorations can deteriorate or detract from your smile (they don’t last forever). At Battle Creek Family Dentistry, we can help. Dental crowns and bridges can be very effective methods to prevent the shifting of teeth, bite problems, and altered appearance that accompanies damaged or missing teeth.


A crown is a strong replica of a normal tooth, and it can be made of gold or other metals but is usually made from materials that look like your natural tooth enamel. It can be used to cover, strengthen, and protect a damaged tooth. Beautiful porcelain is a strong material that cosmetic dental crowns are made from. These can cover slightly crooked teeth, gapped teeth, or teeth that have experienced extensive wear due to time, grinding, or clenching your teeth. As a restoration or a cosmetic treatment, crowns are a versatile choice that have helped many people just like you enjoy smiling again.


To fill in gaps left by teeth lost to trauma, gum disease, or developmental issues, crowns are combined with one or more artificial teeth to create an appliance called a bridge. Crowns are placed on the two teeth next to a gap. The artificial tooth or teeth bridge that space. They look and feel like your own teeth, and no one would know there were ever any teeth missing. A stable, fixed bridge has no clasps that show and is usually preferred to a removable bridge.


Caring for your new restoration isn’t that different from how you care for your natural teeth. While crowns and bridges are not susceptible to tooth decay, your gums still need the regular homecare that keeps the rest of your teeth healthy. You may find it’s easier to clean under your bridge if you use a special floss that’s designed specifically for cleaning bridges, braces, and large gaps between teeth. It helps clean away debris and plaque from under your bridge to help keep your breath fresh and your gums healthy. Our team can tell you all about it at your appointment.

Whether your teeth are damaged or missing, dental crowns or crown & bridge treatments are accessible and attractive in various materials to suit your smile needs. Call today to learn more! We’d love to be the reason you smile with confidence.

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. David Long, Battle Creek Family Dentistry