Wisdom Teeth Battle Creek

Wisdom Teeth Battle Creek

Here at Battle Creek Family Dentistry, we recommend young adults and mid teens to consult with our staff when considering removal of their wisdom teeth in Battle Creek.

Even if newly erupting teeth are not posing a problem, there is always the chance that they will eventually cause issues down the road that can lead to periodontal disease, shifting teeth, and pain. Feel free to call our office to schedule a dental evaluation today!

Complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

  • Pain and swelling in the jaw
  • Sore, inflamed, irritated gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Bone and gum loss
  • Bad breath
  • Ongoing complications.

The Importance of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Overcrowding is one of the most common complications we see when wisdom teeth start to come in. When adjacent teeth get pushed aside, a beautiful smile can suddenly appear misaligned and require orthodontic treatment, which is costly.

Extraction of wisdom teeth can prevent unnecessary costs, pain, and treatment. If your dental care provider has recommended removal of your wisdom teeth, Battle Creek Family Dentistry can provide painless extraction with or without sedation. Feel free to call us with your referral or to schedule a new patient appointment.

What Causes Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Lack of space is the primary reason wisdom teeth have a difficult time emerging correctly and become impacted. If not removed, an impacted wisdom tooth can result in many issues ranging from infection to gum inflammation and significant damage to nearby teeth. Our staff can prevent all of the adverse scenarios by removing the wisdom teeth before they can cause problems.

Better Oral Health Through Removal

Overcrowded teeth are difficult to brush and floss, leading to tooth decay and gum disease at an early age. Wisdom teeth are often hard-to-reach with both manual toothbrushes as well as electric brushes, so cavities and plaque build-up are often most prominent in molars.

To speak with our staff about options available in removing your wisdom teeth, Battle Creek Family Dentistry specialists recommend calling to book a consultation. It’s not always necessary to remove wisdom teeth; however, it is advisable in most cases.

The primary goal is to keep your teeth their healthiest and brightest, and we can help you achieve that goal by removing emerging wisdom teeth. Taking care of extractions early on will prevent pain and eliminate excessive costs that may arise, once it becomes too late to opt for preventive dentistry and restorative procedures are necessary to maintain oral health.

Wisdom Teeth Battle Creek
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